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How to make a Wiki page

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Two approaches:







(Martinnie's Matter Two At A Time)


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nk from , e.g. Techniques. TYpe in the new page name (put it in brackets) and then save the page. A new page wil automatically be created and you can got to step 2.

or 1A. Create a new page. We will link it later in step 6

2. Begin by typing in the text you want to have on the page. Add italics, bold, etc by clicking the buttons above.

3. Then, add links in this easy way:

If you simply paste in a URL, that URL will become a link: http://www.dannygregory.com

However, if you want the link to come from a word, put a vertical slash between the url and the title of the link. Put the whole thing, URL and title inside of square brackets : danny

The software will automatically make that into a functioning link.

4. It works the same for images. Simply put the address of the image (e.g.: http://www.dannygregory.com//everyimagematters/138/original/lighthouse.jpg) inside of brackets and ghe image will be inserted:

You can also upload an image from your hard drive to the wiki server. The images that are available can be seen on the right of the page you are editing. Just click on your image and it will automatically be inserted:

5. Then save your page.

6. If you started on 1A rather than 1, go to the page where you want to link FROM. When you get there, simply type in the name of the new page you have created exactly as it is written here. e.g. How to make a Wiki page. Make sure to put that title in brackets. When you save the newly revised link page, the title will have a dotted line underneath it. Click it once and it will take you to your new page.



Other things to be aware of.

If you have a word with a capital letter at the beginining and then in the middle, the software will automatically create apage from it. Example: EverydayMatters. To avoid this put a ~ before the word: EverydayMatters.

For more tips: visit the Wiki style page


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